FOCUS Capital Partners has access to a number of sector experts and over 100+ years of debt advisory transaction experience.

At FOCUS Capital Partners, we have a strong track record of raising debt and are expanding our service offering across our client base from SMEs to Large Corporates, PLCs to Multinationals, Real Estate clients, Semi States and family businesses. We have a wealth of transactional experience across a range of industry sectors including Food & Agriculture, Healthcare, Building materials, Renewables and Technology.

FOCUS Capital Partners will support clients throughout the debt raising process including:

  • Holistic financing review on debt requirements and sources of finance;

  • Preparation of financial due diligence in respect of debt raising;

  • Outreach to debt providers, production of marketing materials and teasers;

  • Conduct market soundings and bench-marking exercises;

  • Co-ordination and production of consensus term sheets; and

  • Execution support in respect of legal documentation.

Areas of experience include:

  • Inaugural Debt Raising;

  • Refinancing;
  • Acquisition Finance;

  • Major Capex Financing;

  • Amendments and Covenant reviews;

  • Management buy-outs/Leverage buy-outs;

  • Supply chain and Receivables finance;

  • Working capital and Liquidity financing;

  • Shareholder returns;

  • Debt Capital Markets; and

  • ESG and Green financing – KPIs and financing options.


  • Create a competitive debt raising process, ensuring optimal pricing and terms;

  • Independent review on debt options underpinning client’s decision-making and governance;

  • Broad outreach to potential debt providers in a changing market landscape; and

  • Timely execution.

Oh Debt, Where Art Thou?

The nature of debt sources has undergone a transformation, requiring a more nuanced approach. Rising interest rates, sticky inflation and regulatory pressures have made the process of raising debt more difficult. To read the full article, click here. If it prompts some follow-up questions or would like to explore potential debt opportunities tailored to align with your specific financial goals, please feel free to reach out to FOCUS Managing Director, Michael Lalor at

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