The renewables industry is a fast-growing industry driven by the requirement to drive change on our planet to work towards a zero-carbon future. It is shaped by new technologies and new business models.

At FOCUS Capital Partners, our renewables team has an established track record in the renewable energy sector and specifically the solar energy sector. Our renewables team have worked with clients in developing renewable energy generation and providing services ranging from strategy to business case development, project and tax structuring, financial modelling, and M&A.


FOCUS Capital Partners advises clients on financial and strategic issues for large-scale infrastructure projects, providing support from project evaluation to procurement, funding, construction and operations, and by helping clients strategically manage capital projects to achieve their goals.

With infrastructure projects, the pace of change, the impact of emerging technology and the need for sustainability and carbon neutral strategies, alongside cost control and suitable funding options can pose real challenges for those responsible.

FOCUS Capital Partners provides expert advice to help clients achieve their goals and solve the challenges of some of the most complex infrastructure and capital projects.

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